The Squirt Project


squirtlogonew-webYour stories will add to a rich community and steer the direction of the project.

The Squirt Project was born in a storm of curiosity. When I first heard about squirting, I was, like most others, convinced that this was some kind of porn related trickery, a trick of the camera or some ‘perverted’ faking using a full bladder and some hard pressure. Luckily, with the help of my insatiable curiosity and very patient partner, I was able to get past my original assumptions and do some concrete research on the subject using myself as the guinea pig. Based solely on my personal experience, these are the basis for my project:

1. Many people, given the proper instruction, attention, circumstance and mental safety can ejaculate in one form or another by themselves or with a partner (or many partners!) barring any medical issue which might prevent it.

2. Female Ejaculation or squirting can be an exceptionally good release of pent up physical and psychic energy and can lead to a more relaxed and fulfilled existence.

3. All people should have access to the most up-to-date, scientifically and spiritually relevant information about female ejaculation.

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