We specialize in the production of erotic art, fetish multimedia and Squirt Paintings.


BWBUMArtist & Muse Productions is the creation of husband and wife team and lifelong partners in love and crime Muse Fontaine and Artist. We live our lives by the Libertine philosophies of 18th century France combined with the spirit of Zapatista social rebellion and the ideals of la vie Boheme.

We are intent on exercising our sovereign right to individual intellectual, artistic and sexual freedoms which, in our case cannot be separated one from the other. As secular beings we ‘aim high above morality’ and attempt to show the truth of our combined passions in a collaborative, productive and pleasurable manner.

Artist & Muse Tangible Evidence series paintings explore the evidence left behind by passionate embrace and mutual transcendence by utilizing the body itself as a method and sexual energy as a guide. Our photography series, shot in our private Boudoir, explore public and private personas as well as the blurred line between voyeur and exhibitionist.

We invite you to join us on our journey. We know you are curious…

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